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Child Evangelism Fellowship® is a Bible-centered organization composed of born-again believers whose mission is to evangelize boys and girls with the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ and to establish (disciple) them in the Word of God and in a local church for Christian living.


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As a Teacher

As a teacher you can find dedicated products on our website in the online store, various trainings and seminars.

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As a Supporter

You can get involved by supporting the ministry of CEF in Albania in different ways. One way is through prayer.

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Our History

Raymond and Wilna Shaw were pioneer missionaries from Northern Ireland / Holland arriving in 1992 in Albania. They established the work of CEF in Durres, but made a lot of visits to different parts of the country contacting churches of different denomination. A building was purchased and made as a center for CEF Albania, giving place for offices, literature storage and training center.
Throughout the years many literature items have been translated, providing teaching materials, flashcards, flannel graphs, tracts and devotional books for children. 

CEF Worker CEF Worker
Gabriel, Anna Elisha Bollant Missionaries
Gerald trained
Arjana trained
CEF worker CEF worker

Testimony from CEF worker

Kena is a 11 year old girl who has been coming to our services for some time, wanted to meet with me after the meeting. Her question was: “Do Muslims love Jesus the way Jesus loves them?” She was very worried about her Muslim family. She told me she had believed in Jesus and could not wait for our next meeting. I was very blessed to talk to this girl whose sincere words came from the soul. Please pray for Kena to grow even more in faith. The Bible tells us that we should plant the seed because God will work.

Short term missionary

We felt like family. CEF blessed us above and beyond. We consider them close friends. The CEF camps were very well done and planned despite the country just opening for COVID. The Semas have the reputation of being kind and loving and inviting. In the weeks leading up to the camps, children in the area would tell them how excited for camps they were. All that to say, we loved it so much that we are moving there to join the network the Semas are involved in. If your desire is to worship the Lord, please come and join Child Evangelism Fellowship in Albania and the Semas."

Testimony from the “Teaching Children Effectively Level 1” training

My name is Gerald. At the moment I am a journalist at a well-known TV channel in Albania called Top- channel. I got to know Christ at a very young age and together with my sister we used to attend children’s program at church and eventually grew up in church and served and continue to serve there. Since I got to know Him at a very early age and I saw how God changed my life, I decided to serve with children whenever it is possible. I got the “Teaching Children Effectively 1 ®” (TCE1) training from CEF in Albania. I have learned a lot from it. The teachers were with a lot of experience and taught me things I had never thought of. I am glad to have been trained to reach and teach children from a worldwide Christian Organization that reaches millions of children every year.

Testimony from the “Teaching Children Effectively Level 1” training

My name is Arjana. I accepted Christ at the age of 12 years old. As we grow in Christ we realize the need to share with others about Jesus Christ. I started teaching children when I was a teenager.

Praise God that during our walk we have the opportunity to meet blessed and well prepared people who teach us how to be effective for Christ. It is not enough just to teach children but is very important to learn the right methodology and to be well equipped. I have attended the teaching course “Teaching Children Effectively 1 ®” (TCE1) for children’s ministry from "CEF Albania" and I am very thankful to God for preparing me to communicate Bible lessons in an effective and life changing way for children. I was a volunteer at one of the CEF’s camps last summer helping and teaching. It is a pleasure to be with my teachers and share the gospel with children.

Testimony from CEF worker

During Joseph’s lesson, one of the children was so touched and after the lesson, during the prayer time, she came in front of the group and apologized to a friend of hers who she had hurt and had not spoken for a while. Praise be to God for His word is alive and active.